Design & Construction

design1-imgWe have a full design team with particular expertise in refurbishment and extension work to existing buildings. We have monitored new building construction and can advise on a full range of services.

Design:We are able to provide a full design service including production of scheme and working drawings, submission for all consents and obtaining competitive tenders.

  • Architectural Design for new build & extensions
    • We have designed buildings for many years. Our design team have access to modern design facilities
  • Refurbishment
    • A core skill of the Building Surveyor is to be competent at identifying and designing improvements to properties. Most refurbishments involve the full range of professional skills for design, management and adaption of construction, services and finishes to maximize the presentation of the property. We work on properties through the entire spectrum.
  • Interior Design & Fitting Out
    • We have provided interior design to some of the finest properties in London. Our knowledge of the current trends in leading design enables us to produce the finest interiors in various vernacular. We have won awards for our conservation work on listed buildings and our substantial experience on nightclubs and licensed premises both for refurbishment and new builds, have enabled the owners to win industry awards. We have a fully qualified Interior Designer in-house to provide assistance with any of your Design requirements.


  • Contract Administration/Management
    • This is the provision of the contract conditions to ensure that value, programme and procedures are properly maintained to keep control of the contract. This is a constantly moving task to ensure the provisions of the contract are complied with.
  • Project Management
    • This is the detailed inspection and management process carried out including regular site inspections, site minutes and a full record of the course of the construction project, to ensure that the construction process is physically followed and monitored.

Repair & Maintenance

  • Redecoration
  • Repairs
    • We have constant work on residential and commercial properties of various standards, from local authority estates, to high value properties in Belgravia. Our teams are skilled in external and interior redecoration and fabric repairs, and specific contract management such as window replacement.