Johnson Gillies partners with Share a Mortgage in working to provide an affordable housing solution

Jun 1 2015

Leading London and Essex chartered surveyors Johnson Gillies is pleased to announce its partnership with the revolutionary new solution to shared ownership, Share a Mortgage.

Share a Mortgage is a brand new joint ownership facilitator for private home-buyers who wish to pool their assets to buy and share properties in a safe and affordable way. Single, local professionals and people with lesser incomes alike can find like-minded buyers to team up with and share the deposit, mortgage and all ongoing living and legal costs, so they are then able to buy a property of their own using this bespoke service.

Share a Mortgage is partnered with RICS Property Surveyors, Mortgage Advisors, Insurance Providers, Credit Agencies and Conveyancing Solicitors to provide the full conveyancing service to their clients. They also provide targeted online tools such as a Mortgage Calculator.

Johnson Gillies will provide friendly and professional surveying services to clients collaboratively buying through Share a Mortgage. With a team of specialist surveyors trained in all areas of residential surveying, Johnson Gillies is the perfect partner for Share a Mortgage to combine with.

Share a Mortgage has chosen to work with only the most talented chartered surveyors in the UK, who can harness modern technology to process their work as efficiently as possible and who can diligently provide the exacting levels of service required when people join together to buy properties. All its surveyors are regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Andrew Boast of Share a Mortgage said: “When looking for the right kind of surveyor to provide both a friendly and professional service; and who have extensive knowledge of London and Essex, we found Johnson Gillies were the people who could do it.”

“There is considerable pressure when providing these services because there are client needs,  exacting professional standards and third party requirements which must all be balanced. But I have seen firsthand how Johnson Gillies do just that and do it time and time again. They just know their stuff.

“John Gillies and his team have the right attitude. Client first. It is rare to find surveyors who are so proactive in looking after their clients and I know how much they dislike hearing anything except the best feedback. That is one of the main reasons as to why they have been so successful in their business and have been trading for nearly 30 years.

“When buying with someone else; whether it a mortgage buddy, married couple, friend or family, you all really rely your building surveyor’s knowledge to guide you towards paying the right price for a property, especially given how expensive things can become if your property has issues, such as subsidence.

“This is why Share a Mortgage is particularly glad to join up with Johnson Gillies: we know all our clients will be in the safest of hands.”

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