Properties in commercial use owned, occupied or held as investments have particular needs. In addition, the different sectors being industrial, commercial offices and retail units all have particular problems and situations.

We have 25 years of experience in providing advice to international, national and local clients in all of these sectors.

Some of the Services available:

  • Surveys
    • Acquisitions
    • Defects Analysis
  • Dilapidations
    • Landlord enforcement
    • Tenant Defence
    • Schedules of Condition
    • Schedules of Dilapidation prepared for defendant
    • Preliminary assessment of liability
  • Party Wall matters
    • Assessment for the Building Owners for liability
    • Preparation and serving of Notices
    • Preparation of Awards
    • Appointments for Adjoining Owners
    • Monitoring works
    • Addendum Awards
  • Repairs & Refurbishment
  • Design
  • Interior Design – Offices
  • Fitting out
  • Contract Management

Acquisition Surveys for Investors, Landlords, Tenants & Owners/Occupiers

Acquisition surveys can be either for an investor, who is interested in a return and needs to be sure that the property will not require improvement or significant repairs which will affect the income flow.

Increasingly, the requirements of the energy performance certification system means that investment at the highest levels requires the most

The owner occupier will acquire a building with the expectation of carrying out normal maintenance so will probably have a greater maintenance liability than an investor and needs to know the potential for any leaks, damage or unforeseen risks.

The lessee or tenant wants to be sure that the property is in satisfactory condition at the start of the lease and, if taking an assignment, the previous tenant has complied with repairing covenants and that there are going to be no undue obligations.


Commercial property in all sectors, industrial, commercial and retail, where there is a lease involved, is subject to the law of dilapidations. We at Johnson Gillies have considerable experience in the practice of assessing dilapidations and are often requested to assess a dilapidation liability on behalf of a landlord or a tenant, to enable a decision to be made as to a financial liability in the future. This can often be incorporated within the business accounts.

On behalf of landlords we are frequently requested to inspect and prepare a claim against tenants either on an interim basis mid-term in a lease or as a terminal schedule at the end of the lease. We have considerable experience in preparing and negotiating settlements.

On behalf of lessee when served with a schedule of dilapidation there are a number of defences available to minimise the tenant’s obligations. Landlords frequently claim a higher level of breach of obligation and it is our role to prove and advise on a level of settlement.

Party Wall

We take appointments both as building owner’s surveyor and adjoining owner’s surveyor for administration of the Party Wall Etc Act 1996 and have particular expertise in this field of work. This is a major element of our work and we have many years of experience, firstly under the London Building Act (Amendment) Act 1939, and then the more recent Party Wall etc Act 1996.

Repairs & Refurbishment

We have an active role in carrying out commercial building repairs and refurbishments. Our team of surveyors is fully equipped to assess and prepare specifications of work, design improvements and provide contract administration.

Compliance with Legislation

Our role as surveyors brings us to the forefront of building legislation and we provide audit for:

  • Asbestos regulations Compliance
  • Disabled access
  • Building control compliance
  • Landlords consent

Fire Reinstatement Insurance

We are equipped to provide fire reinstatement insurance valuations for landlords and tenants.

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