The Kitchen

Oct 3 2014

The kitchen – a space we use everyday . Whether it’s just to make a hot drink and bung something in the microwave or a lavish three course dinner. Everyone has some sort of kitchen area and it’s a standard part of any home. However, no kitchens are exactly the same, whether that’s in style or purpose. From DIY painted dots on cabinets to using a kitchen as a sociable living area for friends and family.

Whatever your kitchen’s style or function there is no reason why it shouldn’t look great! If your looking for some kitchen inspiration you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled some images and comments on the features we love to help you along your way:

The Traditional Kitchen: 

traditional kitchen 1


The huge cabinets in this kitchen would be great for storage and are a beautiful simplistic design. I love the rustic elements that have been added in as well such as the pendant lamp in a gorgeous green and the dining table.

traditional kitchen 4

The marbled worktop in this kitchen beautifully compliments the grey of the cabinets. Having the French doors allowing lots of light through also means the designers could go slightly darker with colour.

traditional kitchen 3

The cabinetry in this kitchen is very simple, the real parts that stand out and make this kitchen special are the painted exposed bricks and combination of different metals.

traditional kitchen 2

Even though this kitchen space is very small the designers have made the most of it. Painting the outer walls a bold colour gives the space its own identity, while the shelving gives both storage and display space.

The Modern Kitchen: 

modern kitchen 2

The light and muted palette of this kitchen combined with the mix of materials keep it fresh and modern.

modern kitchen 3

White and light wood handleless cabinets in a linear formation create a very sleek look in this kitchen. The bar area in the same material as the countertop also emphasises this aesthetic. On a side note, love the floor!

modern 5

I think this could be a ‘Marmite’ kitchen, it’s definitely very different! The use of both curved and straight edges create interest and the bright yellow accents against the grey work really well to add a pop of colour to what could be quite a stark colour palette.

Picture_6 024

 Gloss cabinets and matching metal accessories give this monochrome kitchen a very modern and minimal aesthetic.

What’s your favourite style of kitchen or do you prefer to combine the two? Let us know in  the comments.

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