NHBC Certification on New Properties

Nov 25 2014

We have many conversations with purchasers who say that they don’t need a survey on a new or recently completed home as it has an NHBC warranty.

While the warranty gives some protection it is very limited in its scope.

The main issues we encounter are:

  • The NHBC are there to deal with issues in the event of a failure of the original builders, not the point of first contact. They will step in if the builder ceases trading.
  • Only significant defects are covered, and after 2 years only major structural defects are dealt with.
  • By approaching NHBC you are agreeing to an arbitration process which may inhibit further legal action.
  • NHBC have not provided insurance for flat roof coverings in the past. In some circumstances they have now expanded the cover to include flat roofs but you must check your specific cover.
  • NHBC now often act as Approved Inspectors to satisfy inspection requirements for Building Regulation consents.  We suggest that this can lead to conflict of interests.
  • The defect may be one relating to design or manufacture of a product and this might not be covered by the NHBC warranty.


Overall, the NHBC warranty is a good product but you must read and understand what it covers and its limitations.


If you have any questions regarding this matter or any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

John Gillies