Dark and Moody Décor

Oct 24 2014

Inspired by the upcoming Halloween celebrations we have put together a few interior images featuring dark and moody colour schemes and accessories. This decorating style is not for everyone but in certain environments can work really well to create something stunning and dramatic. If you’re not quite bold enough to cover the entire room in a dark shade then painting one wall or even the ceiling dark against a much lighter colour can really add interest to a space.


 The chandelier, oil painting and books add an opulent aesthetic against the black walls, cabinetry and fireplace in this living room


 This living / study room has been painted in a very dark shade from ceiling to floor. The large window allows lots of light through and using a lighter rug breaks up the space.


This is an absolutely gorgeous colour, its got beautiful depth and this would be a great shade to go for if you are a little more anxious about painting in dark shades.


It’s not just living and working areas that can get the dark treatment. The grey colour used in this bathroom really accentuates the white and makes it look super bright.


The blue used in this WC works beautifully against the metal accents which give it a vintage feel

What are your views on dark shades? Love or Hate?